Green Zone Farm Tours take you on an educational journey that enlightens you about the outdoor world. One of our focuses is highlighting the differences between food production on a small farm compared to large factory farms.  'Edutainment'' Tours are hosted by Odyssey 4-H club members on Saturday and Sundays 2pm-6pm. Tours conclude with a taste of farm raised authentic Jamaican Jerk Pork or Chicken smoked to perfection and deliciously seasoned freshly grown herbs and spices from the farm. All this while listening to the sounds of Roots, Rock, Reggae Music. Call to schedule your 'Ed-venture.' 352-247-4542. If you don't think you NEED to experience this tour, check out the videos below. Your life may depend on it...

Supermarket Secrets

Green Zone Ed-ventures are interactive, educational activities that are hosted in a natural setting. Through our sponsorship of school, gardens we help students make the connection between gardening and farming.

Green Zone Farms serves as an Environmental Education Site where Ag In the Classroom, Project Learning Tree, Project Wild and GLOBE Curriculums are utilized. Students visit our farm to learn how to conduct soil testing needed to determine the condition of the soil before planting. 

Farm To School Highlights

  • Below is a list of activities that we host in Natures Classroom:

  • Farm Visits & survivor camps

  • Camping

  • Archery

  • Kids Fishing Clinics

  • Youth Hunter Program

  • Camps

  • Call to Schedule your Green 'Ed-venture':

  • 352-247-4542