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Why Get Off The Grid?

Posted 7/17/2014

Back To Eden GardenBack To Eden GardenThe pursuit of money, for the acquisition and accumulation of material things has reduced human toil to nothing more than that of animals. Removing oneself from this toil has help us to uncover a greater more meaningful purpose in life. We have found that all that we need lies within nature. So through activities on the farm, we help people to reconnect with nature and ultimately with their destiny.

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About Us

Posted 7/15/2014

Green Zone Farms was started by two city slickers who knew absolutely nothing about farming but simply wanted to get out of the rat race. Karen, Savion and Karian reluctantly followed Brian’s idea of escaping revolving debt by moving onto a farm. The plan was to become self sustaining by growing their own food and live off the fat of the land. Here begins our interesting transition from city toiling to country spoiling. Empress Diaries

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The Transition

Posted 1/6/2014

EmpressEmpressDocumenting our transition is going to be quite eventful.  A part of me still cannot believe that I have even begun this journey.  It is that part that is in constant conflict with my husband, Brian.  While he has bought into this 'getting off the grid' thing, hook line and sinker, I'm still not completely convinced we should have made such a drastic switch.  Yeah, I've noticed the increase in food  prices, I do see that even the few jobs that are out there want to pay below what a person is valued.  If one does manage to get a job, employers want to work you like a slave. This impacts the amount of time parents have to spend with their children or volunteer in their communities. I've documented my journey out of corporate slavery

My You Tube Channel Also Reports My Journey

The Journey

Posted 1/6/2014

Our Journey with the Farm began in September of 2012.  It started with the purchase of a 5 Acre parcel of property in Summerfield Florida.  It was a thickly wooded area which had to be cleared and fenced before we could call  it our own.  Below are pictures of the transition.